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Lice Buster provides a safe, non-toxic, chemical free head lice removal service that comes with a 100%, 30-Day Guarantee. Once head lice treatment is completed, we will provide you with a clearance letter that can be given to the school and we offer a free follow-up head lice check.

Head Lice Treatment generally takes approximately 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours per person to complete. Length of time may vary depending on the length/thickness of the hair along with the degree of infestation.

Why choose Lice Buster?

  • Private and confidential
  • Same-day lice removal service
  • Eradicate lice and their nits in one visit
  • Convenient lice clinic location in Milton
  • In-home lice removal service
  • Pesticide-free, non-toxic treatment
  • Fully trained and certified head lice expert will arrive in an unmarked car
  • Head lice checks for all members of the household
  • 101 education on head lice facts and prevention
  • 100% Lice Free 30 Day Guarantee
  • After care support
  • Thousands of happy, lice-free clients
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Should You Choose lice buster?

Around lice buster we all take becoming a head lice removal service incredibly sincerely. We all fully grasp that undoubtably any time clients are hunting for a fabulous Mississauga based lice removal service online these people want the finest. As a result we all endeavour to really be the best head lice removal service we all can be around Ontario. It really is our determination to really embodying the winner that has gained all of us this high esteem with each of our patrons.

As a fabulous Mississauga based lice removal service online we furthermore continuously try to spend some time to understand every one of our customers concerns patiently and with absolutely no delay. We all without fail make the time. We all think that it is extremely critical to be sure that customers feel really recognized and cared for.

There are usually not numerous head lice removal service which possess the specific expertise together with background to label theirselves as a mentor within their market. Blend that together with our superior amount of purchaser assistance and truly we feel we absolutely are the perfect fabulous Mississauga based lice removal service online inside Ontario.

Just want to begin?

Everything starts off with a quick call.

Call 647-949-5423.

We'll be happy to go over your current head lice removal service needs at length over the phone or perhaps via e mail if perhaps that works better in your case. Following this we can easily propose the answer that best matches your current requirements. Discover why people do refer to us as the most effective fabulous Mississauga based lice removal service online!

Still Need Convincing? Other Reasons lice buster is actually A Lice Removal Service In Mississauga

Commitment to Excellence - A Lice Treatment Service In Mississauga and A Lice Removal Service In The GTA

Our devotion to good quality is incredibly high. If you are trying to become a fabulous Mississauga based lice removal service online or a fabulous Mississauga based lice removal service online, there is certainly really not one other path but to really give it your very best in order to outshine. In case a specific client requires extra attention, we all offer that valued buyer added time. Whatever is necessary to be able to be positive they are happy with us all as a head lice removal service. Do remember, we do work in pretty much all of Ontario, and so don't hesitate to contact us.

Perseverance - A Lice Treatment Service In The GTA and A Lice Removal Service

Our own purchasers have mentioned our team as a fabulous Mississauga based lice removal service online, a fabulous Mississauga based lice removal service online, a fabulous Mississauga based lice removal service online combined with the top Ontario area head lice removal service you will discover! Really that does not take place unless there's incredibly hard toil and investment in the all-important customers plus the quality bestowed within your product. Whenever you will be looking around for a fabulous Mississauga based lice removal service online, we genuinely contend that we are honestly the very best option. Simply call lice buster to explore what you want right away! 647-949-5423.

Expertise - A Lice Treatment Service and A Fabulous Mississauga Based Lice Removal Service Online

For most any sector, expertise is definitely a huge factor in relation to end results. When you're searching for a fabulous Mississauga based lice removal service online, then this point is usually all the more legitimate. Being a head lice removal service, all of us will explain to anyone in person that the outcome is actually driven simply by the expertise of the company that you're employing. The massive level of practical knowledge which lice buster possesses being a fabulous Mississauga based lice removal service online, is why a person must invest in us with your requirements. In case you will be searching to get a fabulous Mississauga based lice removal service online, think about lice buster. Please consult with all of us straightaway.

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We won't get beaten. Now don't pay higher rates merely because you neglected to talk with us all. Thinking you currently have an unbeatable price presently? Why don't you be positively assured? Consult us here. You well may just simply discover that we are in fact most suitable option. Numerous customers have before.

Selecting exactly which head lice removal service to retain is a challenging decision. Choose an educated plan. Why shouldn't you chat to all of us with actually zero expectations to know if we will be the ideal head lice removal service for your needs.

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