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Lice Buster provides a safe, non-toxic, chemical free head lice removal service that comes with a 100%, 30-Day Guarantee. Once head lice treatment is completed, we will provide you with a clearance letter that can be given to the school and we offer a free follow-up head lice check.

Head Lice Treatment generally takes approximately 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours per person to complete. Length of time may vary depending on the length/thickness of the hair along with the degree of infestation.

Why choose Lice Buster?

  • Private and confidential
  • Same-day lice removal service
  • Eradicate lice and their nits in one visit
  • Convenient lice clinic location in Milton
  • In-home lice removal service
  • Pesticide-free, non-toxic treatment
  • Fully trained and certified head lice expert will arrive in an unmarked car
  • Head lice checks for all members of the household
  • 101 education on head lice facts and prevention
  • 100% Lice Free 30 Day Guarantee
  • After care support
  • Thousands of happy, lice-free clients
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Should You Select Lice buster?

Here at Lice buster we truly take becoming a head lice removal service quite sincerely. All of us realize that undeniably when folks are shopping to get an attractive lice removal service in the GTA people desire the best. Unendingly all of us push to be the greatest head lice removal service we all can possibly be within Ontario. It is really our determination to absolutely becoming the greatest that has garnered all of us very good regard with our valued clients.

As an attractive lice removal service in the GTA we in addition invariably endeavor to spend time to hear each of our clienteles' concerns with diligence and without judgment. We invariably make the time. We all believe that it's extremely vital to be certain clientele truly feel appreciated and also taken care of.

There are usually not so many head lice removal service which maintain the particular skill set plus experience to brand themselves as being leader in their market. Blend that along with our superior degree of client service and we certainly really feel we're the greatest attractive lice removal service in the GTA in Ontario.

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We are delighted to explore your present head lice removal service questions in greater detail over the telephone or perhaps by using e-mail in case this works more effectively for yourself. From there we'll suggest the option that best meets your goals. See just why people now call us the right attractive lice removal service in the GTA!

Still Need Persuading? All the Reasons Lice buster is truly A Lice Removal Service In Mississauga

Commitment to Great Quality - A Lice Treatment Service In Mississauga and A Lice Removal Service In The GTA

Our devotion to quality is exceedingly high. In case you're attempting to be an attractive lice removal service in the GTA or an attractive lice removal service in the GTA, there is certainly seriously no other alternative but to really give it your best possible to stand out. If perhaps any particular purchaser will require further care, all of us give this valued client added work. Whatever's necessary for us to be sure they are happy with us all as a head lice removal service. Do not forget, we support practically all of Ontario, and so don't hesitate to contact us today.

Commitment - A Lice Treatment Service In The GTA and A Lice Removal Service

Our valued consumers have often identified us as an attractive lice removal service in the GTA, an attractive lice removal service in the GTA, an attractive lice removal service in the GTA and even the greatest Ontario headquartered head lice removal service you'll find! That doesn't happen unless there's extremely hard toil in addition to persistence for your consumers together with the quality found in your product. When you'll be looking around to find an attractive lice removal service in the GTA, we definitely believe we're the very best option. Call Lice buster to speak about your current requirements right away! 647-949-5423.

Knowledge - A Lice Treatment Service and An Attractive Lice Removal Service In The GTA

In virtually any sector, skill definitely is a huge factor with regards to results. Whenever you might be searching for an attractive lice removal service in the GTA, this fact is more correct. Being a head lice removal service, we can convey to you firsthand how the actual outcome will be defined from the knowledge of the organization you are contracting. The undeniably significant level of practical knowledge which Lice buster possesses being an attractive lice removal service in the GTA, is certainly the reason a person have to trust us for your important requirements. If you're browsing for an attractive lice removal service in the GTA, consider Lice buster. Definitely contact us all today.

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We do not like to get beaten. Now don't pay outrageous fees merely because you couldn't inquire with us all. Certain you have an unbeatable cost ? Want to be absolutely 100 % guaranteed? Speak with us. You could simply just discover that we are indeed better value. Countless individuals have already.

Choosing which head lice removal service to work with is a confusing task. Choose an informed decision. Why don't you talk with all of us with absolutely no commitments to fully understand yourself if we are actually the right head lice removal service for your requirements.

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