Lice Buster Treatment Spray 4oz


Lice Buster Treatment Spray 4oz: Your Solution for Fast Relief

So how do you get rid of lice?  Many families have tried different home remedies for head lice with very little success.

Lice Buster offers superior head lice remedies.  Our Lice Buster Treatment Spray 4oz is a non-toxic gentle solution for getting rid of head lice and nits and is safe to use on the whole family.  The treatment is formulated with natural enzymes that dissolve the nit glue which makes combing out the nits and the nit casings (eggs and egg shells) simple when combined with a Lice Buster Nit Comb. 

Lice Buster Head Lice Treatment contains no pesticides, silicones, or animal ingredients.  It is safe for the skin and is soothing to the scalp.  Lice Buster Treatment Spray 4oz makes combing out lice and eggs easy, even for long, curly, and/or thick hair.  Because it is pesticide-free, it is safe to be reapplied as necessary.

Apply our anti-lice treatment liberally to wet hair, wait for 10 minutes, then detangle hair with Lice Buster Detangle and/or Tail Comb.  Once hair is detangled, proceed with the Nit Comb.

Lice Buster Treatment Spray 4oz. (2-3 treatments/bottle)

Invest in your well-being with Lice Buster Treatment Spray 4oz, and experience the swift relief and peace of mind that come with a trusted treatment option. Add it to your daily regimen, and never be caught off guard by discomfort again.


Discover the power of quick, effective relief—order your Lice Buster Treatment Spray 4oz bottle today.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Works like a charm!

I've used over the counter lice treatments before and they never worked. I bought this along with the nit comb and it really helped get the nits out. It made my life so much easier! Also, it didn't burn my daughters scalp like the other treatments and smells much nicer.

Annie C
It works

It works ! It was easy to use and it got out all the eggs

Virgina Small
and it's worked wonderfully! Easy to use

I ve used this twice over the last two school years and it s worked wonderfully! Easy to use and gets the job done without the toxicity. No toxic odor either!

Selena Roberts
Works really good and gets out everything Nets and the head lice would buy again

Loved it worked easily better than the other products out there

Amy Far
Lice free in just 2 days of use.

Works well! In just 2 days my daughter s hair is without any trace of lice. Smells great without those heavy chemical smell and it doesn t make the hair frizzy