Before Your Appointment:

  1. Wash the hair the night before our visit. The hair should be dry with no products in it.
  2. Brush and comb the hair free of tangles.

After Your Appointment:

  1. Notify your child’s school and close friends of the head lice – failure to do this could lead to a re-occurrence of your child’s infestation.
  2. Starting the day after your hair lice treatment, comb through wet hair with Terminator Head Lice Comb, as instructed by technician, once per day for at least 14 days.
  3. After first 14 days, check for head lice on a weekly basis.
  4. To reduce risk of re-infestation, long hair should be pulled back in a bun or braid when your child is around other children. 
Family is very happy after hiring Lice Buster


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