Head Lice Video Support


Introducing Head Lice Video Support: Your Guiding Light in the Battle Against Lice!

Pick like a Pro with the help of a Lice Buster Expert!

Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed with getting rid of head lice?  More and more families are leaning on professionals for help. Our lice experts are all trained and certified nitpickers who will guide and educate you through the ways to get rid of lice super fast and keep them away our Head Lice Video Support is just a step away!

What’s included in your session:

  • Same-day Appointment
  • Zoom meeting with your personal life coach
  • Step-by-step professional lice removal procedures
  • Instructions on what needs to be done around your home
  • 101 lice education including preventing a future lice infestation
  • One week follow-up phone call

Put yourself in the hands of our head lice experts – we will make a frustrating and stressful experience as enjoyable as possible while we guide you through the process via our Head Lice Video Support.

Once you have completed your purchase one of our team members will contact you to schedule your session.  An email will be sent with instructions on what to do to prepare for your live video session as well as a Zoom meeting link.

Don't let lice overwhelm you. Empower yourself with Head Lice Video Support and gain the skills and confidence to combat lice effectively.

If you have any further questions regarding our Head Lice Video Support, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach a team member by phone or text at 647-949-LICE (5423) or you can chat with us through messenger to discuss further regarding our Head Lice Video Support and gain more clarity.

Customer Reviews

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Thank Goodness for zoom support

I couldn't believe that my daughter had head lice! I didn't know where to start, I was sooooo over whelmed. After speaking with the experts at lice buster I was so relieved . They walked me through the steps and showed me the correct technique for the quickest results. Thank you I couldn't have done it without your help