Lice Buster Tail Comb

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The Lice Buster Tail Comb makes it much easier to “Divide and Conquer” head lice and is include in our complete head lice removal kit.  It is the perfect way to separate hair into quadrants to make the removal of head lice much more efficient.  The tail comb detangles and prepares the hair for the nit comb and the long, pointed handle can be used to segment the hair which can be held in place with the Lice Buster Butterfly Hair Clips.  Special attention can then be given to each section of hair using the nit comb without losing your place. 

The Lice Buster Tail Comb is professional grade and made with premium heat and chemical resistant quality materials.  The fine-tooth comb makes it much easier to detangle and glide through all hair types and lengths.