The Essential Bug Buster Head Lice Treatment Kit

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The Lice Buster Essential Bug Buster Bundle is the perfect head lice remedy   This lice kit contains the essential lice products to treat the whole family now and eradicate lice from your home once and for all.  The bundle is designed to treat approximately 2 - 3 individuals depending on the length and thickness of the hair.

The Lice Buster Treatment Spray is formulated to dissolve the nit glue which makes combing out the nits (eggs) much easier when combined with a Terminator Nit Comb.   

Each Essential Bug Buster Lice Treatment kit includes:

  • Lice Buster Treatment Spray – 4 oz.  (2 – 3 treatments per bottle)
  • Terminator Nit-free Comb
  • Lice Buster Prevention Spritz – 8 oz.  gentle enough for daily use to help protect against further head lice infestations (also safe to use on furniture and fabrics).