Nit Comb


Many parents have asked how to get rid of nits, and not only that but how to get rid of nits fast!

Finally, lice buster is now offering the same nit comb that our professional nit pickers use to rid our clients of head lice! 

When you combine our lice spray (that helps release the eggs from the hair shaft) with the Terminator Nit Comb and our step-by-step procedure, the results will be easy removal of the nits and lice without the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides that can dry or irritate the scalp.

The Terminator Nit Comb is made from revolutionary corrosion-resistant stainless steel and the unique spiral micro-grooved teeth drag the nits (eggs) off the strands of hair while also removing the lice bugs at the same time.  Once the lice and nits are removed, head lice will be a thing of the past. 

This durable nit comb can also be sterilized between uses and therefore can be used on other family members if needed.  The rounded ends of the micro-grooved teeth make it gentle enough to use regularly to aid in early detection of head lice.

To use the nit comb, it is recommended that you detangle dampened hair using a regular brush or comb and then follow with the and nit comb after applying the lice spray.  You may wish to divide hair into 4 sections using the Lice Buster Butterfly Hair Clips to make combing more manageable.


Customer Reviews

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Jesus McCullough

Perfect. Perfect.

Heath Spencer

Product was as described, free of defects. Recommended seller.

Lea Beahan

super fast delivery. good quality. just like picture!:)

Stainless steel comfortable handling

Every parents nightmare... Your child coming home with head lice. Ran to store to buy the shampoo that came with a comb. I thought that would be sufficient. Boy was I wrong. The plastic comb could not handle the amount of hair my child has. The teeth of the comb broke and didnt really solve the problem. Missing what its main job should be get it out. I searched online for a better comb and found this. I absolutely loved this comb. The first comb through i knew this was what I needed. I did a comb through with dry hair first. Used the shampoo I bought from my previous purchase and then did a second comb through after rinsing out the shampoo. This comb really gets in there and grabs everything. Its easy to clean. Stainless steel I knew the teeth of the comb would hold up to the thick hair my child has. Happy to say it really did work. The back of box says to do frequent combing so I did just for peace of mind but found that the problem no longer exists. I highly recommend this comb to anyone who is in dire need or would like to have on hand just in case. It really will be the only comb you will need.

A Legend A Life Saver A Lice Killer

true to the name!! Truly is a lice terminator! and a life savor.My daughter is in public school and we had the worse case of lice because it kept coming back over and over. The school does NOT have a lice policy so it keeps returning as an unwanted visitor. Thankfully i found this comb and I was able to treat with Fairy TAles and use this comb and it works wonders. Any knit lice glitter even anything will come out of the hair. It is awesome. I use it everyday on her hair just to be sure we are in the clear.Update ^^ We have been reusing the comb as a preventative method and its going well. This comb is a life savor i thought i was going to lose it .