Lice Buster is a thriving professional head lice service that was established in 2015 by Amy. It is situated in southern Ontario. Amy's journey into this venture was fueled by her frustrations with over-the-counter lice products.


She found them to be ineffective and accompanied by harsh side effects, prompting her to seek a safer alternative for dealing with head lice. After conducting extensive research, Amy obtained certification from one of the top-rated lice institutes in the United States.


Over the years, Amy has become an expert in the field, dedicating herself to the study of lice and its treatment. Her research led to the discovery of a safe, efficient, and non-toxic lice treatment. This breakthrough allowed Lice Buster's team to offer a one-time treatment product that, when combined with their lice removal technique, delivers highly effective results.


In the face of rapidly changing times and the persistence of head lice issues, Lice Buster wanted to ensure continued support, even amid new COVID protocols. While hands-on services may not be feasible, the commitment to providing access to the right products remains steadfast. This ensures that individuals no longer waste time and money on ineffective over-the-counter treatments.


Notably, you now have the opportunity to use the same products and tools employed by Lice Buster's professional nitpickers. Furthermore, you can tap into the expertise of a personal lice specialist to guide you through the process, ensuring a level of success akin to what they've achieved.


Families often grapple with the frustrating cycle of head lice, purchasing various products that fail to effectively remove lice eggs from the hair, leading to reinfestations shortly after treatment.

Lice Buster's products, when used correctly, are designed to work effectively. With a touch of patience and persistence, you can become lice-free in no time.

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Lice Buster has undergone thorough training and certification from The Shepherd Institute, which utilizes the Shepherd Method. This method involves a meticulous, strand-by-strand approach, ensuring a comprehensive examination of every strand of hair and the removal of all lice evidence. Stringent safety procedures are integrated to guarantee the hair is thoroughly inspected and rechecked. This systematic approach allows for an effective, one-time treatment. The Shepherd Method is recognized as the most successful head lice treatment due to its methodical and thorough approach.Certified By The Shepherd Institute


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