Lice Buster is a successful professional head lice service which was founded in 2015 by Amy Wickett and is located in the southern Ontario area.  After experiencing the frustration of over-the-counter products and their lack of effectiveness and harsh side effects, Amy felt the need to find a safer way of dealing with head lice.  She did extensive research and received certification from one of the #1 rated lice institutes in the United States.

Amy has become a bit of a nit nerd over the years.  In her research, she has found a safe, effective, and non-toxic lice treatment that has enabled Lice Buster's team to offer a one-time treatment product, that when accompanied with their lice removal technique, has highly effective results.

Because times have been changing quickly and, unfortunately, head lice still prevails, we wanted to make sure that we still have you covered – even with the new COVID protocols.

Although, we may not be able to provide hands on service, we wanted to ensure that you still have access to the right products that actually work without wasting time and money on over-the-counter treatments that just don’t work. 

Not only can you use the same products and tools as our professional nit pickers, but you now can have a personal lice expert at your fingertips to provide any assistance needed to help get you through this with the same success that we have.

We continuously see families struggling to rid their families of head lice by purchasing various products that are not effective at removing the nits (eggs) from the hair and therefore, it reoccurs within days of treatment.  Nothing is more frustrating.

Our products work every time when used correctly and with a little patience and persistence, you can be lice free in no time.

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Lice Buster is fully trained and certified by The Shepherd Institute. The Shepherd Method is a strand-by-strand technique that ensures every hair has been examined and all lice evidence has been removed. It also incorporates many safety procedures to ensure the hair has been checked and rechecked. This allows each person to be treated effectively only once. The Shepherd Method has been proven to be the most effective head lice treatment with its concentration being methodical and thorough.

Certified By The Shepherd Institute


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