The Essential Bug Buster Head Lice Treatment Kit


Introducing the Essential Bug Buster Bundle – Your Trusted Lice-Removal Solution!

This Essential Bug Buster Head Lice Treatment Kit Bundle is the perfect head lice remedy. This Essential Bug Buster Head Lice Treatment Kit contains lice products to treat the whole family now and eradicate lice from your home once and for all.  The bundle is designed to treat approximately 2 - 3 individuals depending on the length and thickness of the hair.

The Lice Buster Treatment Spray is formulated to dissolve the nit glue which makes combing out the nits (eggs) much easier when combined with a Terminator Nit Comb.   

Each Essential Bug Buster Head Lice Treatment Kit includes:

  • Lice Buster Treatment Spray – 4 oz.  (2 – 3 treatments per bottle)
  • Terminator Nit-free Comb
  • Lice Buster Prevention Spritz – 8 oz. gentle enough for daily use to help protect against further head lice infestations (also safe to use on furniture and fabrics).


Don't let lice control your life—reclaim your comfort and confidence with the Essential Bug Buster Head Lice Treatment Kit. Order our essential Bug Buster Head Lice Treatment Kit now and experience the relief that comes from a lice-free existence. Your journey to a lice-free world begins here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Best lice treatment ever!

I wanted a product that was safe and works well. I have tried others in the past but they always disappointed me as they didn't work. This lice treatment worked the first time and the instructions were very clear. The headlight was an amazing addition to this kit as I could see everything clearly. I hope I never have to go through this again but if I do, I am going to use Lice Buster's products they are the best!!!

Liliana M.

Love it....bye bye lice!!!!

Chris P.

This is a great over the counter lice treatment. It has the enzyme ingredient that is needed to loosen the glue on the nits so they can be combed and removed from the hair. The kit comes with everything needed to treat lice and simple instructions.

Allison K.
It works

This works

Lauren F.
Critters where!?

My son caught the critters at school!!! In a panic I tried to get everything I needed to bunker in and attack lol. I used some of the ones you can buy at your local store I had boughten two... it did not work. I ran into these one night looking for a different solution. I saw the reviews and bought it. We literally didn t finish the bottle and he was clear! I also used the spray for his hair after the treatments. Probably did only 3 and it worked! I believe I bought the shampoo and conditioner too. Worth the buy!!!! Would definitely keep some around for emergencies.