Alcoholism Can Affect Bone Health in Young Males

Previous studies have already shown that excessive alcohol intake and dependency can lead to a reduced bone mass in older people. Just recently, however, doctors also found that younger alcohol dependent males are also more vulnerable to a higher risk of fractures and slower bone-healing process.

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Our study indicates malnutrition, little exercise, social withdrawal or little exposure to sunlight can contribute to osteoporosis in young alcohol-dependent patients, says a doctor from the Medical University at Innsbruck, Austria.

In his study, he observed 57 subjects under 50 years old that we're enrolled in an alcohol treatment center. Most of the subjects in his study also smoked.

Almost one quarter of the men had a bone mineral density that was lower than expected for age. In the women's group 20 of the patients only one had a low bone mineral density.

Interestingly, higher estrogen levels in young females protected them from having lower bone mineral densities even when they consumed higher amounts of alcohol. The researcher has yet to come up with a proper explanation for this observation, however.

Majority of the subjects in the study also exhibited Vitamin D deficiency which is an indication of malnutrition and insufficient exposure to sunlight.

The doctors study also found that the possible bone loss is still reversible if the young men stopped alcohol intake. This is manifested by the presence of a certain substance in the blood that is an indicator of bone development.

The study is another proof of the potential long-term effects of excessive alcohol intake. While deterioration of bone health is normally associated with females, it seems that even males are not spared from the possibility of osteoporosis as they grow older especially if they don't recover from alcohol dependency. The good news is that the effects are still reversible because of their youth.


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