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You hear the term attraction marketing tossed around the internet in MLM, social networking and affiliate circles quite often. How is attraction marketing any different from more customary marketing activities and the usual processes and communication mechanisms marketers engage? Essentially, attraction marketing involves the application of network marketing techniques that attract prospects into your fold where they learn about you and what you have that will benefit them making them prime customers before they even arrive at your specific offer.

In attraction marketing, strategies and prospecting methods are designed and put in place that inform and educate prospective clients and customers, warming them to you, your service and or product by explicitly explaining the value and benefits to them, so they will want to buy what ever you are providing before they even realize they are considering it. Attraction marketing is successful when genuinely valuable content is given to potential customers delineating the precise advantages that exist specifically for them. They are convinced of the real worth of your product or the value of your service well beforehand, so when it is time to invest their hard earned money they are ready to make the choice to buy.

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So how does attraction marketing differ from other marketing methods?

Attraction marketing is steeped in a new age notion that values the mind as a powerful entity with the ability to create thoughts which in turn influence our circumstances and can ultimately alter our reality. Attraction marketing borrows from the law of attraction a doctrine popularized in a Hollywood movie and then published shortly thereafter in a book written by Rhonda Byrne, entitled The Secret. The essential premise of the book assumes a natural law of attraction as an inherent canon governing the universe. The ancient metaphysical idea was revisited in the New Thought movement and espouses the belief like attracts like which is the inspiration for attraction marketing.

The law of attraction works by drawing into a persons life like minded individuals as well as circumstances, events, and experiences that correlate to the same vibrational quality of that persons preponderant thought patterns and sentiments. When applied to human relationships, an optimist will attract other optimists. Likewise, if one is a pessimist than other pessimists will be attracted. Individuals harboring positive thoughts are drawn toward other positive thinking people and moody dark souls are drawn to other moody dark souls. Despite controversial criticism regarding the implications of such a tenet, from this way of thinking, logically speaking, the thoughts that are utmost in ones mind are that which are manifested in reality.

If one thinks, I do not have enough love or money than one will continue to not have enough love or money. Whether one has enough love or money is surely relative, however, as long as one thinks as much the reality experienced will reflect the thought. To alter the situation one must first change ones thoughts. If one truly does not have enough love or money, to alleviate the problem one must direct ones focus to the desired goal. To eliminate the notion of not enough and thus alleviate the situation one must first cultivate new thoughts acknowledging that there is enough or more than enough available and perhaps even the opportunity of a very satisfying abundance.

How we arrive at the reality sometimes requires a little creativity and meditation on channeling our thoughts to generate first the possibility and then the actuality of our chosen manifestation. Thus, ultimately, the good news is that positive thinking, choosing to align our thoughts with good feeling and desirable outcomes can create life enhancing, game changing results like greater wealth, health, and happiness. So how does this relate to attraction marketing?

Today, the most successful multilevel marketers apply the law of attraction through attraction marketing .

Using attraction marketing methods the best marketers generate more business and guide their partners into doing the same. Attraction marketing is an old idea dressed in a new light. Marketers in direct sales have been using the essence of attraction marketing for as long as there have been advertisement spreads and commercials to be made. In the past only those sellers with sufficient financial resources had the advantage of capitalizing on the power of attraction marketing. The internet age changes all that. Now anyone can do what in the past only the big boys could afford. Using several unique tools and online access attracting customers to your specific niche is a matter of practice.

Attraction marketing and building relationships is a big part of online selling today. The communication, advertising and branding principles used by individual internet marketers are essentially the same ones used by major corporations, however, the manner in which individuals and companies leverage these elements varies. As a rule large multilevel marketing companies do not teach attraction marketing techniques to individual distributers. It is up to the independent distributor to learn attraction marketing to build his or her personal brand before promoting the brand, the services and or products of the mlm company.

There are diverse tactics and methods taught by successful internet marketers that come under the rubric of attraction marketing.

Attraction marketing is ultimately about creating and establishing ones personal brand and getting others to recognize and believe in it. In the nuts and bolts of attraction marketing, it comes down to generating an email list of already interested prospective buyers. Creating and building an email list entails online advertising and content marketing that will funnel traffic onto a capture page where prospects opt in to an email list in exchange for valuable information that will benefit them by helping them to build their own business. By sharing valuable information through subsequent postings the marketer using attraction marketing strategies is able to build trust from those who have opted into the list.

Once trust has been established and confidence has been secured presenting a service or product to buy is timed with a greater likelihood of success. Creating a strong brand through attraction marketing that others have confidence in is essential to getting the results you want. Any business opportunity is more likely to be well received even welcomed if the individuals offering it have shown themselves to be of genuine worth providing authentic value to others. Anyone researching online businesses and seeking to invest in and or join a team will be drawn to the one that has already proven to be of the best value.

What is the Rationale for Attraction Marketing?

The benefits of attraction marketing are clearly obvious to successful marketers. Do you think it wiser to chase after customers one at a time or to have multiple interested prospects come to you? The logic behind attraction marketing is in the numbers and the efforts needed to generate them. Is it not best to do the work once, improving it with experience, having it seen by many prospects many times over than starting out fresh with every new customer. Most would agree acquiring customers after peaking their interest periodically feeding them valuable information about your service or product is easier than starting from scratch each time. Producing results using this method is nearly fool proof provided you deliver exactly what you say you will.

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