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So, I've been debating making this announcement here as I sometimes hesitate to introduce too many random topics to this blog. But one of my new years blogging "resolutions" was to make this blog more about me. The things that interest me, the things that inspire me, and so on and so forth. I mean here's the deal, my main interest and focus is prettying up my homemostly because I'm fortunate enough to have the experimental canvas to play with things that inspire meand interiors, design, furniture, creativity, the list goes on has always been a hobby. I remember being a kid and constructing these "art installations" on my bedroom walls with pictures from magazinescarefully curating each image to tell a story. What that story was exactlyI'm not surebut I remember having an obsession with Absolut Vodka adsmy parents probably thought I was going to become an alcoholic. And my Dad used to get all panicky about having sticky scotch tape residue on the wallsoh well, thanks for humoring me guys! Anyway, where was Idon't you just love my tangentsoh yes. Things we'll discuss on the blog

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I'm sure any "designer" or "professional" in the field worth their weight would agree that even though there are separate "fields" of designfine art, fashion, interiorsthey should each very much play off one another and be inspired by one another. I mean, just watch an episode of Project Runway to figure that out. And that's what I want this blog to be aboutall of my interestsbecause in many ways, they are all at least loosely related. And at the end of the day, I'm not trying to be some niche magazine, show casing one product, or aesthetic, or way of thinking to a specific audience. My primary audience is actually, me. This is my place to share what's going on in my head, what's catching my eye, and how I try (god, how I try) to live creatively. I'm so, so, so amateur compared to the other 99.9% of the blogging population but you know what, who cares. Because I love this. And in that spirit, let me share some news with you.

I am excited to announce that I have become a Guy & Eva Style Advisor! What is that you ask? Well, here are the details. Guy & Eva is a jewelry company that sells fashion forward jewelry to women of all ages who have a keen eye for style. And, if you feel like you're failing miserably on the style front, Style Advisors, like me, can help you choose accessories to achieve the look you desire.

The primary method of selling is through assisting a hostess (example, you) in conducting a fun event for friends where everyone can get together, catch up, enjoy cocktails, or brunch, or whatever, and interact with and purchase jewelry. Style Advisors (example, me) are there to help you choose styles, experiment with different trends, and help you place your order. There are amazing hostess benefits as well in addition to frequent guest discounts and specials. For example, if you host a "style session" you will receive a percentage of the party sales (20%) in jewelry credit, basically earning you free jewelry! So, for example, if you host a party that produces $1,000 in sales, you'll receive $200 in jewelry credit to choose the pieces that you love!

Additionally, this is considered a ground floor opportunity given that there are currently less than 300 Style Advisors nationwide. There is huge opportunity to penetrate the market in your area and build a team, thus increasing your earning potential. I never in a million years thought I would become a part of a direct sales business but so far I've had nothing but confidence in my decision. During the sign-up process, I was waiting for the "catch", that moment when I felt as if I was being taken advantage of, but it never came. I never felt like they we're trying to get me to spend money on unnecessary start-up costs. They give you all the tools and support and you can make of it what you will. I'm pretty adventurous and I've discovered I have this entrepreneurial spirit and frankly, I'm sick of stifling it! I'm excited to be a part of this opportunity and plan on working hard to try to get it off the ground.

Jewelry is a great example of how I try to bring a little design into my every day life and I very much appreciate accessories and jewelry that add visual interest to your wardrobe and help you express your personal sense of style and aesthetic. So, if you're local and would like to host an event, please contact me, I'd love to help you set something up! If you're far away, that works too! We can arrange for a catalog party or you can direct yourself, or family and friends, to my website and purchase any time. Better to be a hostess of a live or catalog party event though so you can earn your free jewelry credits! Please see my contact information below to get in touch.

ALSO, DON'T FORGET: I would LOVE to add you to my teamthere is great earning potential in team building so don't be shy and let me know if you are interested! I'd love to support you as you start your own business. Doesn't matter if I've known you for years, or only a little while, or if you're a brand new reader to Get Carey'd Away and this is your first hello(Welcome, I'm glad you're here by the way!)

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