Guide to Google Adwords

Google had established it's supremacy amongst the ranks of search engines being the most preferred and most popular search engine on the web. I remember the instance when the son of a friend of mine refused to accept the information we gave him about Christmas, until he was convinced that the content had indeed been pulled off Google. In 2000, as Google won the race over the other search engine it was also involved in creating a program that would catapult it's position as a viable advertising medium and generate more revenue. The initial advertising model that Google had developed was primarily for the use of big companies however, it later also developed the Google Adwords program which offers beneficial results to all companies, big and small.

Googles Adwords is a keyword targeted advertising program. The original Google Adwords program was discontinued because it's basic idea was to pay per impression which did not guarantee traffic to the advertiser and was not so popular. With the overhauling that the Google Adwords received in 2002 changed all of that. Googles Adwords is advertising model that works on the principle of pay per click advertising. It is keyword targeted which means that when a user searches for certain keywords that are related or present on your site then Google Adwords automatically display your site along with the results of the search in a column right next to the search results.

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With Google Adwords, you choose which keywords you choose to advertise and hence when your ad is displayed on the search page it will display what you feel is your most relevant content. This way you are guaranteed a click if your domain name or the content appears relevant to the user. It is PPC advertising which means that you only pay if the user clicks on your domain name and hence visits your site. Adwords also makes sure that your ad stays at it's position on the search engine page because the program Discounter reduces the price you pay per click to one above your competitor which also means that you are not required to constantly check on the position of your advert, Google Adwords does that for you.

Another plus point for Google Adwords over others is that Google Adwords maintains the position of your ad through not only Pay Per Click but also Click Through Rate, this is essentially important because this way even the small fish have the chance to stay alive. The company with the bigger bank balance does not win hands down; each company must strive to stay at the top. If your content is good, and your CTR is good then you can keep your place on the search results page easily.

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