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Carbohydrates provide the energy for our brains and nervous system. Carbohydrates include sugars, starches and fiber. Essentially anything that breaks down and is converted into glucose (sugar) is a part of this group. There is definitely a difference in the benefits and sources of carbohydrates and energy. Understanding Carbohydrates will help with clean eating.

Simple carbohydrates, or what many people call bad carbs convert very quickly into sugar. These are carbs that have very little, if any fiber or nutritional value to them. These are found in processed grains that have been refined, like white bread, white pasta, many cereals with low fiber, fruit, candy, etc.

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Complex carbs are the good carbs. These are your whole grains like quinoa, oats, 100% whole grain bread, and vegetables. They are higher in fiber which allows a slower transition into glucose, minimizing the impact to the blood sugar.

When you eat complex carbohydrates you are giving your body a source of fuel that can be used over a course of time, instead of the quick hit of energy followed by a crash that simple carbs offer. When you think of fueling your body, think of keeping your engine running efficiently all day. To do so, you would need it to receive a steady stream of fuel going into the engine. Your body runs most efficiently when it receives a steady stream of fuel as well, the complex carbohydrates.

Focus on eating vegetables with each meal and snack and eat other carbs in the early part of the day so you have time to burn off the glucose they provide. Any excess glucose will be stored as fat.

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