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Lice Treatment Pickering

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Lice Buster provides a safe, non-toxic, chemical free head lice removal service that comes with a 100%, 30-Day Guarantee. Once head lice treatment is completed, we will provide you with a clearance letter that can be given to the school and we offer a free follow-up head lice check.

Head Lice Treatment generally takes approximately 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours per person to complete. Length of time may vary depending on the length/thickness of the hair along with the degree of infestation.

Why choose Lice Buster?

  • Private and confidential
  • Same-day lice removal service
  • Eradicate lice and their nits in one visit
  • Convenient lice clinic location in Milton
  • In-home lice removal service
  • Pesticide-free, non-toxic treatment
  • Fully trained and certified head lice expert will arrive in an unmarked car
  • Head lice checks for all members of the household
  • 101 education on head lice facts and prevention
  • 100% Lice Free 30 Day Guarantee
  • After care support
  • Thousands of happy, lice-free clients


Call Today To Schedule Your Appointment

In-Clinic Head Check


In-Clinic Head Lice Removal

$75/Hour *

In-Home Head Lice Removal

(Special Promotional Price)

$90/Hour *

$75/Hour *

In-Home Travel

$ .52/Km

*1 hour minimum billed in 15 minute increments after first hour


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Reasons to Pick Lice buster?

At Lice buster we all take becoming a head lice removal service quite gravely. We all understand that truly when individuals are looking for a great lice removal service in the GTA they want the finest. Continuously we will attempt to be really the smartest head lice removal service we all could be around Ontario. It is our devotion to truly staying the greatest that has gained us all our significant admiration here with our valued customers.

As a great lice removal service in the GTA we of course definitely attempt to take the time to answer every customers questions patiently and devoid of waiting. We without fail put in the time. We all think it is extremely crucial to guarantee clientele feel recognized and cared for.

There are truly not too many head lice removal service that own the knowledge plus know how to label theirselves as being mentor within their market. Blend this in with our superior amount of purchaser services and certainly we really feel we're absolutely the greatest great lice removal service in the GTA in Ontario.

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We'll be happy to examine all your current head lice removal service requirements in depth on the phone or through email if perhaps that is better for yourself. After that we'll offer the solution which best fulfils your present goals. See just why people today describe us as the most effective great lice removal service in the GTA!

Still Want Convincing? Additional Arguments Why Lice buster is actually A Lice Removal Service In Mississauga

Dedication to Elite Quality - A Lice Treatment Service In Mississauga and A Lice Removal Service In The GTA

Our dedication to good quality is definitely particularly significant. When you are wanting to become a great lice removal service in the GTA or a great lice removal service in the GTA, there is certainly really no other route but to really do your personal best in order to stand out. When any particular customer demands added attention, all of us give this customer more effort. Anything to be able to be certain they are very happy with us as a head lice removal service. Remember, we do service pretty much all of Ontario, and so make sure you email us.

Dedication - A Lice Treatment Service In The GTA and A Lice Removal Service

Some consumers have mentioned our services as a great lice removal service in the GTA, a great lice removal service in the GTA, a great lice removal service in the GTA combined with the leading Ontario area head lice removal service there is! Really that won't come about unless there is unbelievably diligent toil and commitment to your foundational buyers and the superior quality inherent in your work. When you'll be shopping to find a great lice removal service in the GTA, we all truly believe that we are honestly the ideal solution. Phone Lice buster to talk about your expections ASAP! 647-949-5423.

Expertise - A Lice Treatment Service and A Great Lice Removal Service In The GTA

Within almost any business, experience is certainly a huge component with regards to final results. In case you will be requiring a great lice removal service in the GTA, this point is usually all the more accurate. With being a head lice removal service, we all can easily convey to you in person that the end outcome is undeniably defined simply by the knowledge of the provider you've been hiring. The extremely massive amount of expertise which Lice buster possesses being a great lice removal service in the GTA, is undoubtedly just why a person have to invest in us all with your invaluable critical needs. When you're searching for a great lice removal service in the GTA, consider Lice buster. Ensure you consult with all of us immediately.

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We do not like to be under quoted. Never pay high costs only because you didn't contact us. Positive you were given an unbeatable rate now? You should be absolutely totally assured? Consult us here. You may simply see that we are indeed more suitable option. Lots of people have .

Choosing the best head lice removal service to use is a confusing undertaking. Choose an informed decision. Why shouldn't you chat with all of us with simply no need to figure out if we all are the right head lice removal service for your criteria.

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