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About Lice Buster

Lice Buster is a professional head lice removal service that provides head lice detection, treatment and education to local families, schools and camps.

Our gentle, safe and non-toxic lice removal process provides a cure for lice and their nits (eggs) in just one visit, guaranteed!

​Lice Buster has trained technicians who will work with you and your schedule. We strive to provide same-day or after-hour lice treatment services at our Lice Clinic in Milton, as well as offering in-home lice removal appointments.


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As parents, we understand the sense of panic and frustration when you receive that call from your child’s school or find lice in their hair.

But, don’t stress, Lice Buster is here for you and we will help you through the entire process while providing a remedy for lice.

More and more parents are turning to professional head lice removal services to ensure that their family and homes are free of these pesky parasites.

When you call Lice Buster, it is like having your very own lice squad who are committed to treating and educating families on head lice, treatments and prevention so that they can get back to their normal routines.

Put yourself in the hands of our head lice experts – we will make a frustrating and stressful experience as enjoyable as possible while we remove the lice from your life in one single visit.

At our lice removal clinic, we offer private lice treatment rooms with professional salon chairs along with WIFI, movies and a child-friendly environment.​

Lice Buster is fully trained and certified by The Shepherd Institute. The Shepherd Method is a strand by strand technique that ensures every hair has been examined and all lice evidence has been removed. It also incorporates many safety procedures to ensure the hair has been checked and rechecked. This allows each person to be treated effectively only once. The Shepherd Method has been proven to be the most effective head lice treatment with its concentration being methodical and thorough.

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