I love this comb! I was in shock at how effective this was! Amazing! Highly recommend it and don't see myself ever going without it again! Myself and my daughter both have long thick hair and after dealing with lice outbreaks at the school several times, I bought this. One of the best choices ever made.

Lisa M.

Removes pretty much whatever is stuck in your hair, nits, small flakes, particles, lint, every bit of unwanted little things that are not getting out by a wash or a comb. A fellow passenger on a bus passed on a minor infestation to me and absolutely horrified, frantically searching for a solution, I came across this product. I was doubtful but the reviews made me take a chance on what appeared too expensive. Fingers crossed, I tried it out and voila! It worked!

Ronya M.

This place is a life saver!! I’ve bought multiple other combs to use along with the products that suppose to kill lice but those eggs are stubborn and so hard to get out.

Julie G.

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